Gary OConnorLive It Fitness Expert Gary O’Connor’s interest in health and fitness began 35 years ago, when he set foot into a gym and became fascinated by how the body responds to different exercises, workout routines and protocols. Gary then went on to study the subject and learned invaluable information networking with sportsmen, elite national coaches and high level trainers and instructors, where he began to formulate his own ideas and concepts of health and fitness.

As Gary gained experience in sports performance and exercise rehabilitation, working with special populations, disease management, and exercise referral within the medical profession and health related exercise, he also progressed through various formal qualifications and gained experience working in local fitness studios and gyms, eventually, gaining the status of gym manager and director of health and fitness. Today, Gary travels the world working with high profile clients, teaching them how to develop a sustainable exercise program and Live It.

Exercise Philosophy

The evolution of exercise and movement has its roots in primitive man, just like the Live It diet component of the Live It Lifestyle, wherein we eat foodGary Clayman in gym our bodies were engineered to break down and use for fuel. A life filled with regular and varied forms of physical activity is the natural way for us to function at optimum levels of health and wellness. Indeed, exercise is essential for a long and healthy life. Regular and varied physical activity promotes not only physical wellness, but also spiritual and mental health, enabling us to function as eminently physically gifted human beings.

Through training and regular exercise, the human body can perform feats of untold grace, dexterity, and athleticism. As a personal trainer, it has been very empowering for me to motivate and encourage people to reach their physical peak performance.

Rod Stewart
Gary O'Connor has been my health and fitness specialist for 13 years. My level of fitness is really important in order to maintain a rigorous touring schedule. Gary's comprehensive knowledge of health and fitness, allied to an innovative and stimulating approach to exercise, has been of immense benefit to me.
Jane Fonda
I utilized Gary O'Connor as my personal trainer for a period of approximately 12 months. During this time I appreciated Gary’s innovative approach to exercise and his professionalism and experience gained through many years of working in the health and fitness industry and working with high profile celebrity clients. He was able to introduce me to many new and interesting ways of attaining my exercise goals and made the process interesting and enjoyable.
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