Your Body Needs Saturated Fats

Nutritional label with a focus on fats.

Saturated fat has been demonized for many years as a result of studies that show consuming saturated fat causes a temporary rise in cholesterol. It was then theorized that cholesterol was the major cause of heart disease. This theory has driven much of the erroneous nutritional advice throughout the past 40 years. Despite the negative press, saturated fatty acids are valuable for the following reasons: [Read more…]

Learn to Love the Fats

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Modern nutritional science feeds you three great lies:

  • Your brain runs on glucose (sugar). To feed your brain, eat carbohydrates.
  • Fat is calorie-dense, while carbohydrates are much less dense. Therefore, you should eat more carbohydrates.
  • When you eat fat, your cholesterol temporarily rises. To keep your cholesterol low, eat less fat and more carbohydrates.

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Stop Fearing Fat

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History isn’t the only proof of what we’re designed to eat. We can also look at evidence from our own bodies and the bodies of animals.

Consider the breast milk a mother produces to ensure her baby grows strong and healthy. The baby’s brain size is much larger as a percentage of body size than an adult’s, and the baby’s lack of movement doesn’t allow for adequate generation of lactate and ketones for brain fuel, so you might think breast milk would be loaded with carbohydrates to supply copious amounts of glucose. [Read more…]