Dieting While Dining Out (and Having a Great Time)

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Many people of my generation remember one of several classic scenes in the movie When Harry Met Sally, when Meg Ryan is eating at a diner with Billy Crystal and drives her waitress crazy with the specifics of her meal order and all the items that should be “on the side.” While that scene is poking fun at her character’s neuroses, anybody who has ever gone on a diet can relate to the challenge of ordering something you can eat (and still enjoy!) in a restaurant. Diets tend to cause people a lot of eating grief and anxiety when they attempt to eat anything not prepared from the contents of their own refrigerator and kitchen. The Live It Diet is easy to follow and sustain while still allowing you to have fun when dining out. Below are some basic guidelines to follow when you sit down with a menu to place an order while on the Live It Diet: [Read more…]

The Alphabet of Live It Diet Don’ts

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People are always asking me what they shouldn’t eat on the Live It Diet. The Live It Diet exists so you can enjoy your food and your life without having to spend a lot of time worrying about the fuel you are putting in your body to make it go. As such, I’ve developed a basic alphabet of food don’t guidelines that are easy to remember, especially when you’re out to eat, on the road, or on vacation, away from your home or usual eating habits. It’s double C, double F, triple S. [Read more…]