5 Practices to Incorporate into Your Eating Habits

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2016 is here and it’s up to you to Live It each and every day. Eating well and supporting the good health of your body is not only about what you eat and how much you eat, but the way you eat. Here are 5 practices to incorporate into your eating habits to ensure you stay on track with giving your body the best nutrients possible: [Read more…]

Boost Your Energy by Eating Right

Boost energy by eating right

Both winter and the New Year will be upon us soon. With the arrival of winter come fewer hours of daylight and with the New Year, visions of resolutions fulfilled, many of them related to weight loss and exercise. Often times the combination of winter and the New Year – shorter days and frenzied holiday preparation leading into post-holiday fatigue — leave people feeling more tired than usual. [Read more…]

7 Ways to Teach Children Good Eating Habits for Life

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Teaching your children good eating habits for life can be challenging, particularly if you have a child who will only eat a few foods you can count on one hand. Children, like us, are individuals with feelings, opinions and taste buds. How children eat and the habits they develop at home are often indicative of the eating habits they will have as an adult, and thus can largely influence the outcome of their health. Below are some tips to help even the most stubborn of children to develop good eating habits: [Read more…]