How to Add More Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet

Organic healthy vegetables and fruits as background

Many people do not consume enough fruits and vegetables, usually as a result of a lack of development of the fruit and vegetable palate. What does this mean? Not everyone has the same depth and breadth of taste buds. If you’re looking to incorporate more greens and fruits, you need to do some trial and error testing and figure out what makes your mouth happy. Here are some tips: [Read more…]

Gardening the Live It Way

Multiple jars of canned tomato sauce sitting on a table

We’re busy people, and the Live It Diet and Exercise program is all about integrating changes into your life that are sustainable for the rest of your life under any circumstances. Whether you live in an urban or suburban environment, gardening is a great way to enjoy delicious organic fruits and vegetables grown walking distance from where you sleep and eat and forge a deeper and more conscious connection to your food as you learn to live the Live It Lifestyle. [Read more…]