5 Practices to Incorporate into Your Eating Habits

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2016 is here and it’s up to you to Live It each and every day. Eating well and supporting the good health of your body is not only about what you eat and how much you eat, but the way you eat. Here are 5 practices to incorporate into your eating habits to ensure you stay on track with giving your body the best nutrients possible: [Read more…]

Getting a Realistic Perspective on Our Celebrity-Obsessed Culture

HOLLYWOODCA - OCTOBER 82015: empty star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood California. This star is located on Hollywood Blvd. and is one of 2400 celebrity stars.

The fashion and celebrity magazines in the supermarket checkout aisle love to boast the latest and greatest in celebrity news, and chief among that is news related to diet and exercise. Which celebrity lost weight? Gained weight? Was spotted on their way to yoga class? Seen leaving the gym with a sweat-soaked t-shirt? These pictures can be fun and mindless fodder, but for some of them are glorified images that are actually unhealthy, or don’t tell the whole story. It’s when we put those pictures up on a pedestal of our ideal that we get in trouble. [Read more…]