4 Ways to Navigate Technology Boundaries & Limits with Children

Little boy child kid playing games on smartphone mobile phone outdoor. Technology generation.

Technology – we definitely can’t live without it (I’ve certainly been fortunate to see enough advances in technology help many medical cases that years ago wouldn’t have been afforded the same positive outcomes), but when it comes to our personal lives, we’re not necessarily doing a great job living with it, either.

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How to Let Watching TV Stop Killing You

Asian male watching television in the living room **Note slight  blurriness, best at small sizes.

In 2012, The New York Daily News reported that according to Nielsen numbers, Americans spend 34 hours per week watching television and another three to six hours watching taped programs. These numbers are high. And for those of you who go straight from the office to the couch, you’re spending a lot of time sitting. Now is the time to stop letting watching television kill us, as we grow fatter and unhealthier. If we’re not going to transform the numbers concerning our TV watching hours, then let’s use some of that time we watch TV a little differently. [Read more…]