Before Live It, I was unaware how carbs played a large role in the peaks and valleys of useful energy in the body and mind throughout the day. The Live It method, which includes eating a better balance of proteins and nuts, revealed a much more stable energy source to me. After just three months, I am able to work more productive hours longer without interruption or a need for snacks or carbohydrate boosters. Dr. Clayman has taught me to Live It now, so I can still have great energy and health to Live It later!
- Guillermo C., age 48, film director/producer
I had already undergone a thyroid surgery by another doctor. Dr. Clayman was evaluating me for a second surgery. I was surprised by the amount of time he gave me. I’d never had an experience with a doctor like it before.Dr. Clayman told me that although I needed the operation, there was no urgency, and I’d do better if I first improved my overall health. He began to educate me on how to care for myself. He told me about his Live It program, and the importance of reinventing my diet and exercise habits….I’ve been following Dr. Clayman’s program for years, and it’s become my approach to life. My weight barely fluctuates…My transformation has reshaped my family, including my children.
- Susan M., (now) age 34, Clinical Nurse Specialist at one of the top institutions for medical instruction, according to U.S. News & World report
Since embracing the Live It plan, my weight stays at 165-170 pounds with no effort on my part. I don’t limit portions. If I stick to the right foods, I can eat as much as I want. My acne has disappeared. My heartburn is gone. I no longer take Prilosec. I’ve had zero sinus infections, and only one cold. Further, my dental hygienist has noticed “amazing” improvement in my gum health, even though I’ve made no changes to my oral hygiene—and endured head and neck radiation. At age 55, I’ve found it much easier to add muscle than before the program.
- Larry K., (now) age 57, CFO of an international engineering company
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