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Vitamins Your Body Can Only Get Naturally from Animal-Based Foods

One of the crucial changes of Live It involves the increase in animal-based foods. To better understand some of the added benefits of increasing quality meat consumption, consider the following nutrients that are missing from the “usual” USDA diet: 

Vitamin A: The USDA guidelines severely restrict animal fats and do not specifically recommend liver or other organ meats. This causes a shortage of vitamin A in our diet. The USDA has tried to address this issue by indicating that adequate vitamin A can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. These sources do not replace the true animal form of vitamin A especially critical for children. Vitamin A is an extremely important nutrient, needed for growth, immune health, and healthy bones, skin, and eyes.

Vitamin D: Many of the latest health studies have been discovering the critical benefits of vitamin D. Additionally, these studies are finding that the U.S. population has a severe vitamin D deficiency. The Live It Diet provides many food sources rich in vitamin D, including egg yolks, organ meats, animal fats, shellfish, and oily fish. Another part of the problem is the lack of sunlight to which we are exposed. Vitamin D is not as useful if you do not get adequate sunlight. Controlled exposure is the key.

Zinc: Zinc is a critical nutrient in reproduction and neurological function. Some of the best sources of zinc are found in red meat and shellfish.

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is a critical nutrient for healthy blood cell development and neurological function. As many vegetarians find out, there are no adequate plant sources for this vital nutrient. The best sources are grass-fed meats, organ meats like liver, and shellfish.

Vitamin K2: One of the key nutrients only recently being recognized is vitamin K2. The most recent research indicates that the animal form of vitamin K is needed for many vital processes. Along with vitamin D, vitamin K2 is needed for healthy bones and neurological function, and is best found in grass-fed meat fats, organ meats, and whole-milk produced cheeses.

Live It, Your Life—Healthier, Happier, Longer™ by Dr. Gary Clayman is a comprehensive life program that promotes wellness, strength, vigor, and longevity and combats obesity, cancer, and other chronic debilitating diseases so you can Live It, Your Life—Healthier, Happier, Longer, the way it was meant to be, joyously.

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